STYLE GURU BIO: Serena Christie

STYLE GURU BIO: Serena Christie

Make America create again.

Some say that creativity is the most powerful form of intelligence, and I couldn’t agree more. Creative minds are what keep us thriving. Creative minds are the reason behind the art, beauty, and uniqueness in the world. And the best part about it? Every single person has the power and ability to create, the opportunities are infinitely limitless. Individuals have the aptitude to demonstrate their creativity in any way they please. As for me? I use a camera and a pen.

A quote that I find resurfacing my head each time I hold my eye to a viewfinder is, “Take a shot you could never recreate.” Drive the coast instead. Pull over when you know you’re already late. Hike to get to the very tip of that mountain. Do whatever it takes to get the shot you’re envisioning. In the end, you’ll always have the memory in a photograph. You won’t remember how long the detour took, you’ll remember the golden, glistening waves crashing along the shore as you’re driving. You won’t think about how you were five minutes late to that dinner, you’ll think of how you’ve never seen a sunset so astonishingly beautiful. You won’t regret those extra steps, you’ll look back and remember your one-of-a-kind birds-eye view of the whole city. You won’t look back at walking into your eight am lecture late, instead you’ll remember how confident you felt the rest of the day due to your perfectly assembled outfit, which seemed to be impossible to put together that morning.

Fashion to me is another way to express myself creatively, but instead in a physical aspect. I like to add unique pieces to my outfits to make them stand out amongst a crowd. In this outfit I pair my favorite Calvin Klein girlfriend jeans (rolled of course) with a deep-V olive green body suit. The body suit caught my eye because of the added twist of the backless detail, the color was also a major bonus. To make the outfit match my personality a little bit more, I added a studded belt and an off-orange detailed ascot (my newest full-blown obsession). To finish off this casual look I laced up my go-to felt lined Vans All Weather high tops, the colorful pattern detail is my personal favorite part of these sneakers. You’ll never see me leave the house without a set of rings that I always wear with my beaded flower bracelet, I’m a firm believer that accessories are a Fashionista’s best friend. So if you ever feel that you’re pressed for time just remember that your style is personal art, and there’s always time for art.