STYLE GURU BIO: Samara Halperin

Hey there, Fashionistas! I’m so excited to continue being a part of CollegeFashionista and get to show off some of the great styles on your campus. Being given the opportunity to analyze fashion is something I really love to do in addition to it helping me in my writing as well as developing a better understanding of popular styles and trends. As someone who tended to be more introverted around strangers, becoming a part of CollegeFashionista has helped me a lot in my ability to approach people. It has also helped improve my photography skills and writing skills. Check in with me throughout the semester to get the latest tips and tricks for Floridian fall and winter fashion on your campus. You may even be the next person I come up to on campus!

Going for an overall ’90s vibe, this outfit is a perfect combination of trendy and casual. I hope that my articles throughout this semester are able to help you find your own style to show off on your campus. The color scheme for outfits for this time of year tend to be on the darker side, which brings out a different look than what everyone seems to be showing off during the summer months. As the weather becomes less hot, or as Floridians try and give that allusion, cooler color tones are a better match for the season. In my outfit, you will notice a jean skirt. This has recently become popular again after being a huge hit in the ’90s. Being denim, the skirt looks casual, but also stylish since it is not an everyday item. My dark purple cap sleeve shirt goes well with the skirt because it is form fitting. The fact that it is closer to coming off the shoulders adds to the retro look of the outfit. The white Converse keep the outfit casual and comfortable, but still match the overall aura of my style I was going for. My choker necklace topped of my ’90s vibe and added another dark color to the outfit. These necklaces are increasingly becoming the newest (oldest?) trend for young Fashionistas.