STYLE GURU BIO: Sakiya Duncan

I have never been the greatest at speaking on myself. I always have let others form their own opinions of me before I told them anything. My name is Sakiya Duncan and I am from flint, Michigan. I attend Michigan State University as a Journalism major with a minor in Public Relations.

I have always been intrigued by writing, fashion and photography. When I was younger, I tried of many occasions to make a house magazine, but I could never think of a name for it. I use to sketch as well, whenever someone saw me I would always have a book of blank paper with a pack of colored pencils. I absolutely love fashion, I even found a sewing machine and tried to teach myself how to sew. I never thought I could make a career out of everything that I loved. I have developed my style over the years. I call is simplicity, I believe it doesn’t matter what you wear it is the accessories that make the outfit. I define accessories as scarfs, necklaces, hats, or watches.Throughout my life I have changed my career move on countless occasions, but journalism always found me again. I love my career plan now, but it is not the only thing I would like to do in life.

Eventually I will start my own organization for young girls from areas with a lack of resources to help them to become better women. I will provide classes on etiquette, how to prepare for college, simple things like job interviews, and so much more. I also plan owning my own magazine that shows up and coming fashion designers and models in need of exposure. I have many things that I want to do in life. I plan on doing everything one step at a time and I believe nothing can stop me.