STYLE GURU BIO: Reggiee Larios

January 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello everyone! My name is Reggiee Larios and I am a full-fledged Miami girl. I am a senior at Florida International University studying luxury retail marketing. It’s no secret that Miami is at the top of the list when it comes to the party scene, and as a born-and-raised local, I cannot deny that there is some truth to this. Sure, we have glorious white parties on yachts and over-the-top electronic dance music festivals (which sometimes last three days long). Yet, I seek to capture my Miami. Florida International University is a commuter campus, which means that there are large volumes of completely different types of people traveling to campus from quite a few outlying cities. Miami is best described as a melting pot, where we pride ourselves in welcoming inhabitants from all parts of the world. I call myself a Miami girl, not because I go to the beach every Saturday and have brunch every Sunday. I am a Miami Girl because you can catch me having Cuban coffee at a corner-stone café in the morning, enjoying the street-art in Miami’s Wynwood Art District during the mid-afternoon, and listening to a live band in one of our underground bars that same night.

I am excited to capture the diversity I witness on a daily basis as a student at Florida International University. It is a routine for me to strategically pick out my outfits in the morning based on my mood. My personal style is a mix of elevated classics paired with overly casual pieces. Each piece complements one another in a paradoxical way; flashy heels with ripped denim; worn out tanks with a statement necklace; pencil skirts with an over-sized menswear button-down. After all, in Miami, you will never know when you will spend a day at the museum followed by a night out with your girl friends. It is this outfit versatility that I am hoping of snapping on a weekly basis.

As many other Style Gurus, I have always loved dressing up. Still, my devotion to the fashion industry stemmed from long days and nights while I was a freshman in high school that I spent on Style.com, where I watched every single Spring 2006 ready-to-wear runway show. Since then, to this day, I still view all the looks from every season and every designer. It’s hard for me not to notice fashion when I see it, even if it isn’t off the runway. I have trained my eyes to recognize style, and I couldn’t think of a better way to express my aesthetic than by beginning my journey as a Style Guru.