STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Kiser

STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Kiser

Hey fellow Fashionistas! The name is Rachel Kiser, and I am a first semester Style Guru! I am a freshman at Virginia Tech, double majoring in fashion merchandising and design as well as public relations. When I am not writing about fashion, I write for The Odyssey and work/volunteer for the Special Olympics. I’m a Richmond baby born and raised (shout out to the RVA), and fashion, as well as trends and all things hipster, are true passions of mine. As Virginia is for Lovers, I am a lover of tiny local restaurants, thrift stores, museums of any kind, dusty libraries, odd tourist attractions, stellar vegetarian food, and classic, quotable books.

Fashion is my chosen religion. Chanel is my God, and Karl Lagerfeld is my born Savior. I read and study the scriptures of Vogue. I pray that my fashion advice may be valued and appreciated, that one day, I could be one of the greats. I have seen The Devil Wears Prada over 100 times and every season of Project Runway. Fashion is my one true love. It’s the thing that will always be there for me. The one thing I can always depend on. It is what I eat. It is what I breathe. It is what I live.

Fashion is limitless. I love to wear whatever allows me to feel the most beautiful, despite the “rules” in fashion. In fact, I believe that fashion shouldn’t have rules. It should be a thing that is experimental, risky, trendy, and unique. One particular rule that I believe everyone should bend is the idea that patterns should not intermingle. However, this easy styling trick can easily take your outfit from “blah” to “hell yah”. You need to keep in mind that when mixing patterns, you should stay within a similar color scheme. For my outfit, I chose a simple white and navy striped turtleneck paired underneath a multi-colored plaid field jacket. Since both garments incorporate the same navy and white colors, this outfit looks trendy, yet simple. Pair with a clean pair of skinny jeans and men’s loafers (or boot, since it is boot season),  and you are now ready for whatever the day has to bring, whether it is a brunch date or that 8:00 a.m. class.

So toss out the proverbial rulebook! Wear black and navy together! Mix patterns! Play with colors and different proportions! Whatever it is, rock it and feel amazing in doing so. See y’all next time.