January 24th, 2017 at 2:00am

Hey there, it’s Queena! I am beyond excited to be starting this semester with my amazing fellow Gurus!

I’m a city girl from the hipster headquarters known as NYC, but as a college student, I hail from the land of orange up in Syracuse, New York.

When it comes to my personal wardrobe, I like to incorporate a variety of trends. My style ranges anywhere from girly grunge to a preppy student, and others in between. I would have to describe my ideal style as a mix of vintage, romantic, and casual pieces with a touch of rock for those feistier days.

It’s chilly in ‘Cuse, so for this article, I decided to wear a sweater over a floral button-down shirt to create a preppy look. The shirt I’m wearing came from a thrift store, however, you can find a similar one here. I paired my tops with dark skinny jeans and black lace-up booties that I may or may not have stolen from my sister.

As I didn’t have a class that day, I chose a small, brown leather backpack as opposed to my bigger, heavy-duty one. I prefer the smaller bag because it’s cute but still large enough to hold more than just my phone.

Winter is just beginning here in the Northern Hemisphere, so you’ll be seeing more students bundled up on their way to classes. However don’t be fooled by their black parkas, the cold weather won’t stop Fashionistas from strutting their style!

I’m excited to upload more posts in the future for CollegeFashionista and I hope you will stick around to check them out!