STYLE GURU BIO: Olivia Sweitzer

Hello! I am so excited to start off 2017 with round two here at College Fashionista. This semester is especially important because it is my last semester of college ever! WHAT?! A lot has changed for me since I first started as a Style Guru. First off, I have started changing the direction of my career path with a new job! As a music business major, I have experienced many music industry related internships. Although I have learned a very interesting side of the business world, I never fully found my place. Currently, I am working as an assistant to a stylist here in Nashville. I’ve been having the opportunity to work under an amazing boss who kicks butt at what she does! Not to mention, I’ve been able to take part in the process of styling some pretty cool country music stars too. This shifting of gears has brought me closer to what I am truly passionate about—fashion! I cannot wait to see where this leads me.

For my look, I wanted to stay true to myself while also playing with some refreshing colors (if you know me, I am usually wearing all black). I mostly go for a more edgy look, but I wanted to add a pop of some of my favorite colors. I am currently obsessing over this lavender colored suede jacket. The shape and style of this jacket takes on the classic moto look, however, the color adds more of a femininity that can immediately create an eye catching outfit. I wanted to keep it cool with my colors so I added this light blue clutch to complement my jacket. And, of course, I started with the all black base for my patchy leather jeans, velvet top, and booties. I have to say, the piece that perfectly captures my style is this Alexander McQueen skull scarf (a new closet staple of mine).

Working as a Style Guru has helped me put myself and my love for fashion out there. I have become more confident in expressing my creativity and I hope I can continue to do so even after my college chapter is over. I am so thankful and humbled to have College Fashionista as a part of my experience. I can’t wait to make this semester the best one yet! Come back to my page for some of my new favorite trends of 2017 (especially for this spring). Stay fab!