STYLE GURU BIO: Mikala Mahoney

Hello fashion world! My name is Mikala Mahoney, and I am currently a freshman at Temple University majoring in media and production studies. As I begin to learn more about myself through the the college world, I have been able to expose myself to so many different amazing opportunities and experiences in such a short period of time. One of those opportunities includes being a Style Guru for this spring semester. The idea of being able to express my own creativity and passions through the world of fashion is something that has interested me since I was a little girl. It is something that I find extremely intriguing and exciting.

My personal style honestly comes from inspiration that I come across from day-to-day. I enjoy getting new ideas from various sources that spark ideas as to how I can take my outfits to new levels. From fashion magazines to strangers on the street, I am always looking for new inspiration that I can use to shape my style in a new way.

At the moment I am pretty into faux furs, leather, and a nice go-to boot in order to get me through the low temperatures in style. In my outfit I paired a floral top with a black leather jacket with a faux fur collar to not only add warmth, but a stylish touch as well. Although floral patterns tend to signify spring, the warm tones of the top not only allow for me to embrace my excitement for the upcoming season, but also adhere to the fall aesthetics. in order to finish off my look, I decided to wear black knee-high boots in order to provide at least a small amount of extra warmth to my legs.

I truly look forward to my first semester as a Style Guru, and I hope that you all keep up with me on this journey.