STYLE GURU BIO: Michelle Paltan

Life is too short for bad coffee, or to dress less than impressive. If we have the same hours in a day as Beyonce then we can at least take every opportunity to show off our fierce style. When the days come where you’re about to throw out your entire wardrobe, that’s where I step in as your go to Style Guru.

My name is Michelle Paltan. I am a returning Style Guru, and a senior at the University of Tampa.  While I may be the cliché senior in the sense that I do not want my collegiate experience to end just yet, I am equally excited to work towards my fashion forward dreams. Being an Advertising and Public Relations major and having a sixth sense for all that is trending in fashion, I hope to combine these two skills into a well-dressed career.

As a New York native, I have always been surrounded by a variation of unique styles, and it is because of this I think, that I can never just stick to one category, label or style. This semester I hope to capture that same individuality in everyday street styles in myself and all the Fashionistas/os right here in Tampa, Florida!

I’m happy to rejoin the CollegeFashionista team for many reasons.  When the summer came, followers who read my articles in the Spring hoped I would still continue to write during the summer.  I want to inspire other Fashionistas/os out there by showcasing great style for others to emulate and make their own.

Curious how to get my look pictured here? Here are three easy steps: 1. Striped patterns. 2. Necessary details. 3. Strapped trends.

Be sure to check out my monthly articles right here! I can’t wait to show you all the inspiring trends I find here on my campus.