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STYLE GURU BIO: Meredith Wish

January 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hi I’m Meredith, and I’m so excited to be joining this great community of beautiful, creative and talented Fashionistas. Fashion has always been a part of my life, whether it was to stand out in the crowd or to show my parents I was rebelling that week; so, I’m extremely excited to share something I take a passion in. I recently started fashion blogging just a year ago (shameless plug: Thoughtfulwish) for fun, but I can’t wait to write more in depth about why I love certain styles and items rather than, “Here’s my outfit, have fun shopping!” So have fun reading a little bit more about me.

Clothes are our first impressions, which is why I chose to feature myself in this feminine pop-culture look. I’m obsessed with watching movies, and as you can imagine, I love Star Wars. I have already seen The Force Awakens twice… and probably since publishing this post, I’ll see it two more times. You can grab my style here: Star Wars shirt, tulle skirt and jacket.

I truly feel I wear my heart on my sleeve— obviously not literally, that would be gruesome—  and can share my personal interests with a graphic tee or something with ruffles and frills. Fashion should be fun and intriguing and never taken too seriously, which many might disagree with. If you’re not compelled to take a twirl in a dress, then you should probably find a new dress because twirling around is fun!

My personal style is a mix of feminine-flair with edge, but I’m always changing it up. My looks change with my mood; when I’m feeling down, I’ll rock pleather pants and leather boots to help myself feel a little more badass, and when I’m feeling happy I’ll wear a tulle skirt and glitter keds.

Besides fashion, I grew up in the Boston area and studied graphic design in Boston. I clearly love this city because I’m still here. I’ve traveled the world, though, and because I study graphic design and have fashion as a hobby, I continuously pay close attention to detail, art, books and trends. I find inspiration everywhere and anywhere, which helps me keep my looks updated and staying passionate about my work.

Well it’s been fun sharing my thoughts. I can’t wait to share more this semester!