STYLE GURU BIO: McKenzie Mulvaney

Hi all, I am McKenzie! I will be starting my first year at Oregon State University this fall while studying business. As cheesy as it sounds, I have always had a passion for fashion ever since I could pick out my own clothes. Let’s just say at age six, tie-dye sweat suits were my go-to. I’ve of course developed my fashion sense since then and now only wear tie-dye when it’s a cute dress or shirt. Being born and raised in Oregon has definitely exposed me to all fashion styles imaginable. I love going to Portland to get inspiration from all the different styles that are presented there.

Some may call me a shopping addict, but I prefer to call myself a professional shopper. I am always looking at Pinterest for the latest trends and new ways to put outfits together. Fashion isn’t just clothing to me, it is a way to express what I like and to show my personality. I believe that in life you should always take a few risks, and sometimes fashion is a perfect way to take them. If I see a jacket that is a bit more of a statement piece than what I would usually go for, I stop and think “wait, take a step out and try it”—that’s usually how my best outfits come about. I am an advocate for the idea that you don’t have to stick to just one style. I’ll be wearing something bohemian one day and preppy the next. I wear whatever piece catches my eye!

The current outfit I am wearing is something I’m excited to bring into fall. I put this funky patterned dress with a heeled boot to dress it up for a night out or a dinner with friends. However, I have also worn this dress with cowboy boots, or it could be worn with normal boots to make it more casual. (I may love boots too much, can you tell?) I added a velvet choker necklace to spice the outfit up. I know a few people that hate that chokers are back in, but I couldn’t be happier! I wore them in elementary school and love that I can wear them again shamelessly. I also can’t go anywhere without jewelry on my wrists, so I added my favorite black watch and a few bracelets to go with it.

I can’t wait to share more styles with all of you this year! Check out my social media so you’ll know when a new post goes live!