STYLE GURU BIO: Marielle Lentz

Happy new year! My name is Marielle Lentz, and this is my first time writing for CollegeFashionista! I’m so excited to start this creative journey with everyone because where I’m from, fashion isn’t really talked about. Even though the Midwest is home to me, being from Kalamazoo, Michigan, can get a little boring with a big interest in fashion. I decided to leave Michigan for college, and see what I can do on my own somewhere else. Now I am currently in Ohio as a freshman at Kent State University studying fashion design. I just finished my first semester in fashion design, and loved all the hands-on classes I was able to take, like fashion visuals and basics of apparel construction. I really enjoy creating things, and being able to use my creativity to my advantage!

Not a day goes by where my room doesn’t become a mess in the morning due to my indecisiveness. Picking out my outfit can take anywhere between two minutes to twenty minutes. Sometimes it’s hard to have what’s in your mind become your outfit with only a limited number of clothing pieces in your closet. One of my favorite and easiest things to do is add layers. Layers can add dimension to any outfit. It also creates such an easy and casual feeling to your outfit. Currently, I am obsessed with layering overall dresses over sweaters and different colored turtlenecks. I think this brings a really special touch of uniqueness to your outfit. Also it’s perfect for keeping you warm and cozy during the wintertime. My style is on the edgier side. I tend to wear a lot of dark colors, and love oversize clothing. One last thing, you will probably only ever see me in sneakers…(oops)!

CollegeFashionista is the perfect place for creative people with an interest in fashion to put their ideas, and I can’t wait to see what people create! Let’s make 2017 a special year!