STYLE GURU BIO: Mandisa Shields

STYLE GURU BIO: Mandisa Shields

Hey Fashionistas/os! I’m Mandisa, a senior at Syracuse University studying Public Relations. I’m so excited to start my fifth semester as a Style Guru and my second semester as a Social Media Intern.

Fashion is about so much more than vanity for me. Sure I like to look good, but what I wear can also be a means of empowerment and self-expression. It feels great to know that even if everything is going wrong in life and I feel like I have no control, I can always have control over my own body and the way I dress myself.

Just like children have their favorite blankets, I have my favorite shoes, dresses and make-up. It’s the armor I use to navigate my everyday problems — big or small. Lately, my style has been completely contingent upon my mood. I tend to gravitate towards neutral shades and colors but there’s a lot more variety in my wardrobe than there has been in the past.

For this look, I decided to embrace my inner rock star. I found this vintage motorcycle tee in the back of my mom’s closet (sorry mom!) and instantly fell in love. I paired it with my favorite ripped, bleached shorts. To add a bit of a sporty touch, I wore my adidas Neo sneakers. I love these shoes because they’re just like the adidas Superstars but with a sleek, modern touch. I paired a velvet choker with a tattoo choker and toped it all off with a set of minimalistic rings.