STYLE GURU BIO: Liza Atillasoy

Hi everyone! My name is Liza Atillasoy and I’m a senior in the College of Education at Temple University earning a Bachelor’s of Science in secondary education and english. This is my second semester writing for CollegeFashionista and I am so excited to continue connecting with stylish students all across the country. CollegeFashionista has had an irrevocable impact on my style choices and interests. Armed with inspiration and advice from fellow Fashionistas/os, I know this school year will be the best one yet!

Over the summer, in between taking on another spin instructor position, I devoted time trying to cultivate a wardrobe for the transition from an undergraduate setting to a post-grad one. Being a senior on campus has also given me the opportunity to take fashion risks I might not have felt comfortable experimenting with before. Before I trade in some beloved younger looks for more mature teaching outfits, I’ve decided to take risks that a younger and more self-conscious me might have avoided. I love that fashion is an outward expression of what one feels on the inside and lately I want my outfits to reflect how hopeful I am for such a promising future.

This outfit features my DIY of the summer, a denim jacket with iron on patches. Personal flair pieces, such as pins and patches, have been the trend of the summer and what better way to head back to school than with this statement making jacket. I carefully found patches that appealed to me in shape, color or size and gave an old denim jacket some new life. Paired with fashion sneakers and shorts, this look is perfect to catch up with friends for coffee in between class.

Follow along for a semester of news worthy trends. From one Fashionista to another, I can’t wait to continue this journey with you.