STYLE GURU BIO: Lexy Medgaus

January 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey you guys! I’m Lexy. I’m a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh, and I’m new to CollegeFashionista (so go easy on me)! I’ve always had a love for fashion, though with my schooling at Pitt (Communications major), I don’t have any opportunities to do anything involving it. THIS is what led me to CollegeFashionista. So here I am, ready to write, be stylish and find other stylish people ’round the city of Pittsburgh.

Once completing my degree in Communications, I hope to have a job in the fashion industry, possibly through a company (currently the Free People home office is my dream) or with a magazine, though I’m not completely sure yet. Not everyone has it all figured out, and I’m definitely one of those people! I’m very aware of the changes I go through as a human from year to year, and who’s to say what I’ll be loving even just a year from now.

A little about me—I love Tetris, Game of Thrones, indie-folk music, watching Friends, all things French, photography and talking in funny voices. As for my style, I ALWAYS love denim, black and neutral colors, cardigans, ankle boots and high-waisted things. Lately, I’ve been loving the mom jean, all things with an oversized fit and shoes with a chunkier sole. I’ve never been really sure how to categorize my style, it feels pretty eclectic to me. Though at its core, I’m a lover of basics and solids (I often find myself wearing all black, but I’m no goth). As pictured, I’m wearing some of my recent favorites (oversized jacket, chunky soled shoe) as well as my FAVORITE jeans—a recent find through the company Re/dun. Throughout my posts, you’ll be sure to learn more about me and what my style entails (that is, if you enjoy reading my articles).

In my opinion, fashion should be fun. First and foremost, it should be a way to express yourself. There will never be a time in my life when I will be trying to incorporate ALL of the current trends into my wardrobe. At that point, I would be doing it just to impress and lose myself in the process. My style has to be inherently me—of course there are current trends I will absolutely adopt (have to stay updated), but only those that feel like me. It’s a rare day that I’ll say, “I really don’t care what I wear today,” because it’s such a huge form of expression to me. I think of it as a sort of art. You can tell SO MUCH about a person simply by the way they dress themselves. I love that my friends know what things “Lexy would like/wear,” which proves that my style is a huge part of who I am.

I love fashion, but I also want to provide enjoyable things to read. I hope to incorporate style advice with a humorous, light-hearted voice that is specific to me.