STYLE GURU BIO: Larissa Sehringer

September 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos!

My name is Larissa Sehringer, and I’m super excited to be a Style Guru this fall. I’m currently a freshman at Parsons School of Design, studying Fashion Design. I’ve had a “passion for fashion” for as long as I can remember, so starting fashion school and this internship marks the beginning of my dream, and I’m amped to start and share the journey with you. I’m constantly creating: sketching, sewing and dreaming up my designs. I also run my own blog. In addition to doing it for myself (“the dress for you” philosophy is incredibly important), I’ve had a few opportunities to share my ideas and passions with others. Last year I attended Teen Vogue Fashion University, where I was a fashion design/styling major and heard top fashion icons such as Zac Posen, Adam Selman, Brandon Maxwell, Rebecca Minkoff and Erin Walsh speak and teach us about the industry. The whole Teen Vogue staff (Amy Astley, Elaine Wentworth, Marina Laroude, etc.) also ran workshops and seminars for the attendees, and I met many other amazing individuals who were just as eager as I am to learn more. This event was such a sweet taste of the future, it made me hungrier (if that’s even possible) to succeed in the fashion industry.

My signature style is edgy and chic, with a trendsetting flair. I wear tons of black, navy, grey or textured clothes and love asymmetrical flattering cuts, jackets and hats. I’m also a sucker for bold lipstick colors, particularly reds and berry shades. I love to make my own clothes and jewelry. And I find inspiration for new styles while traveling and people watching! I think it’s so cool to add a cultural flair to dressing.

For this outfit, I went the more simple route because the jumper’s asymmetry is complicated enough. But I still wanted to add a bit of jewelry to make the outfit more interesting—because it adds my own spin to it.