STYLE GURU BIO: Kira Bradford

Hi, all! I’m Kira, and I’m a freshman at Brigham Young University! I’m currently majoring in business management with a minor in communications. I’m hoping to break into the fashion industry as a journalist and make my way to London. I also run a fashion blog called Kira Meets World. Blogging is something I’ve always loved, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Growing up, I was always interested in style and fashion. I just didn’t know there was a whole industry for it. I was always experimenting with different outfits, as early as first grade, hoping to stand out from everyone else. I got dressed based upon how I felt, and I still do! My mom and I used to watch award shows just to see what everyone was wearing, I loved looking for the best and most intriguing looks of the night. Pronouncing the designers’ names and researching them was a hobby of mine. 

I see fashion as a form of self expression, it’s not just about the clothes or the latest trends; it’s the question of how well an outfit represent someone as a person. Within the world of fashion, it’s really easy to fall into the ‘trend pit’ as I like to call it, and lose your sense of style while trying to keep up with the ever evolving fashion industry. Still, there’s always a way to incorporate trends you love to fit your personal style rather than wearing them all at once. One of my favorite things to do is look at the trends for the current season and say, OK, what works with my style? Sometimes, trends turn into essential wardrobe pieces, such as skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, sneakers, etc.

My style has always been very classic and minimalist with a tomboy twist thrown in here and there. I guess that comes with growing up in the rough and tumble city of Boston, Massachusetts. I was always surrounded by incredibly well dressed people, specifically women, who always believed in presenting yourself well. That belief has translated into my style (almost) perfectly. I get dressed based upon how I want to present myself, wearing what I feel comfortable and confident in. Except for the last few months of my high school career, I was in sweats 24/7, which was not very fashionable of me. But now that I have more freedom, I’m excited to experiment with my style more and see where my ideas take me. 

I’m looking forward to this semester, especially because it’s my very first in college and as a Style Guru. Thank you to the CollegeFashionista team for this amazing opportunity.