STYLE GURU BIO: Kelsey Walker

Hi everyone! My name is Kelsey Walker and I am so excited to be back as a Style Guru, scouting out new styles on campus as well as out and about, for my second semester. I am studying professional writing as well as creative writing at Tulsa Community College. I plan on transferring to North Eastern State University once I have received my associates degree in english and arts.

Fun fact: my parents actually met at North Eastern University and my brother also graduated from North Eastern University (Broken Arrow). So maybe it is in the family? It is a beautiful campus and totally up to par with my aesthetic. I am studying to one day work for a fashion magazine or maybe even Diane von Furstenburg—my dream. I am currently attending school online for easier travel to tend to my grandparents and be available, as it is my last year at home full-time.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, whether we are able to cook together or go to the movies there are always good memories to be made. My hobbies include: shopping, painting, knitting, DIY-ing, taking photos (selfies not excluded), writing, being a Style Guru, being with family and traveling.