STYLE GURU BIO: Kelsey Reider

STYLE GURU BIO: Kelsey Reider

Hey! My name Is Kelsey Reider, but you can call me Kels. This upcoming fall, I will be a sophomore at the one and only, West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Go Golden Rams! I was born and raised in a very small hometown, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. So, being shipped off to college was definitely a bit crazy. Make that a lot crazy, but I loved it.

I’m the type of girl who loves to meet new people and isn’t afraid to share my favorite things with them, one of those things being fashion! I cannot wait to talk all things fashion and beauty with you. Being at college has given me an even bigger appreciation for the various types of style that college students have.

For me, I’m not really sure what my style would be called. It’s a little boho, a little high fashion and a little edgy at times, so I guess you could say it’s a mix of everything that happens to be trending at the moment. This outfit is definitely on the edgier side of my fashion, but still super easy to create and duplicate! First off, you can never go wrong with a simple body-con dress. It will make you look super chic but still casual enough to run errands with or grab lunch before class. Since college in the fall can get a bit chilly, I paired my dress with an oversized denim shirt to dress down the look enough for an early outing down town. Leaving without my Ray-Ban shades and favorite fall bag is never an option, not to mention leaving out one of my favorite trends this season, my adidas Superstars. These sneakers are so comfortable and perfect to add a little street to your style. Add a choker and rock the ever so legendary space buns in you’re hair and you’re ready to strut through campus!

Being an art major at school really ties over into my fashion sense. In my opinion, fashion is art. The clothes are the paint, the accessories are the fine details and our bodies are the canvases. Thinking this way allows me to be as creative as I want when putting together outfits for myself and my friends. I’ve been trifling, shopping and designing my own clothing for years now, so being able to experiment with fashion and share my favorite looks with you all is a dream come true. One day, I hope to work as a graphic designer by making labels for fashion companies, or to become an editor for a fashion magazine. I’m so excited to be a returning Style Guru this semester and can’t wait to share some fresh college style with the world.