STYLE GURU BIO: Kelsey Mosteller

STYLE GURU BIO: Kelsey Mosteller

Fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos, I’m back for my second semester as a Style Guru and I am so happy to be back! This past semester was so lovely and I’m thrilled to see what the fall semester has to offer!

I am a communications major at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio but honestly, I can be found all over the United States. Having classes almost everyday never keeps me from doing what I love to do, which is traveling and attending concerts!

Attending concerts is honestly where my love for fashion truly started. When I was younger I would wear the band’s merchandise to their shows. I am cringing at myself right now because why did I ever do that? As I got older I realized that I should be dressing as cute as I can be! How am I ever going to get the band members to love me if I’m wearing their face on my shirt? How awkward is that?

That’s when I started really digging into what fashion really is and learning what it takes to make a great outfit. I started looking into trends and trying to do my own trend forecasting. We all know that trends tend to come full circle and always find their way back, but they always have a twist to them. I wanted to be the first person to know what that twist would be.

One trend that has stuck and has yet to leave us here in the fashion world are crop tops. Although summer is ending, you do not have to ditch your crop tops. I promise you can make them work in the fall! Put on some high-waisted jeans and a big jean jacket and you’re good to go! Yes jean on jean, I said it, trust me it’s coming back. However, if you already threw them out and opted for a full length shirt instead, heres what you can do to make it work:

For this outfit I tied my full length shirt to make it into a cropped top. This small detail takes a normal shirt from something normal and turns it into a cute statement shirt. Also you can follow my lead and turn your skirt backwards. Yes, backwards. The zipper of this skirt is actually supposed to be in the back, however I think it adds a more vintage feel to the outfit and deserves to be in the front; so I let it.

Hopefully you enjoyed learning a little bit about me and my personal style! I can’t wait to photograph and share the amazing fashion trends that I find on my campus this fall! Until I see you again, stay #RAD Fashionistas!