STYLE GURU BIO: Jordyn Friedman

Hello lovely Fashionistas! I am currently a student at Tulane University in New Orleans and I must admit, this city has stolen my heart. It’s unique eye for music, heritage, food and fashion has positively inspired me throughout my career as a student. I have truly learned the importance of staying true to yourself and your culture in the midst of a hectic social and academic schedule. NOLA street styles range from preppy, boho and casual to my personal favorite: grunge, all of which allow me to express my true style.

While college has definitely taught me how to broaden my horizons, I have been stylistically focused since a very young age. I remember going shopping with my great aunt and having a keen sense of the trendiest clothes at all sorts of stores. Even though I spent most of my elementary years at hit or miss discount stores, I quickly found my place in the world of purchasing. Some of my favorite places to find quality clothing are Aritzia, Bloomingdale’s, and local boutiques such as Stonefree. While shopping is an obvious addiction of mine, I also look forward to sunny days eating ice cream, late nights with my besties, and traveling with my family.  I am so excited to be sharing my love for every day fashion with students across the globe. My hope is to inspire young adults to step out of their comfort zone and embrace what they feel most beautiful and comfortable in. Ta-ta for now!