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STYLE GURU BIO: Jonathan Cardona

August 31st, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey you guys!

My name is Jonathan and I recently made the big move from Manhattan to High Point as a second year transfer student. Attending HPU seemed like an obvious choice for my passion towards interior and furniture design. I have the luxury of being right at the heart of the design capital of America. While the change from an urban environment to a rural one has presented quite the culture shock, I couldn’t help but notice the eclectic collection of unique fashion walking the campus. High Point University has a large international student body, which allows for diversity in trends, making it less abnormal to take fashion risks even in more conservative areas.

Getting ready every morning couldn’t be less of a chore; in fact my closet is the epitome of my personality. It has all of my favorite items, and never fails to make me feel confident and sexy. Neutrals are my friends with benefits, and anything colorful (that isn’t an accent piece) is limited to a one-night stand, solely because that is what my taste encompasses. Fashion is interpretative enough to be individualized by the wearer. You’ll never see me in the same outfit twice. I enjoy the challenge of making every piece of clothing in my closet  intermingle with one another in the the most unexpected ways possible.

Can we talk vintage for a second? Recently, I’ve been indulging in various secondhand shops in Manhattan and I could not get enough. But who is to say North Carolina doesn’t have some great finds? I’ll keep you guys posted with what I stumble upon. Fall is around the corner and this year the western trend, animal print and corduroy are resurrecting according to the fashion gods, which means I have to get to consignment ASAP!

Fashion is about comfort, aesthetic and confidence. Make it yours by investing towards pieces that make you feel like you can walk out of your dorm or apartment and take over the universe. Whether you are serving street, grunge, vintage or any sort of hybrid, make sure you own it to its maximum.

Explore some options and try new things, life is too short to wear boring clothes! Super cool talking to you guys! I hope you have a great school year and I can’t wait to keep up with y’all!