STYLE GURU BIO: Jamara Curry

May 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi there, fashion fanatics! My name is Jamara Curry and I am an incoming senior at the University of Mississippi majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications with a minor in Business Administration. This will be my first semester interning as a Style Guru and I’m beyond ecstatic for this experience.

As you may or may not have heard before, “the higher the heel, the closer to heaven.” Well, I live for a nice high heel, and I probably have at least 30 pair collected in my closet. I prefer four inches or higher but if it looks good, then hey, I’ll settle. Wedges are fun, too, especially during the spring and summertime. And even though they can be painful, I simply remind myself that beauty is pain and it hurts to look so good.

Honestly, I don’t think I became interested in really dressing up until I got to college. Of course, I thought my outfits in high school were cute but when I look back and see pictures today, I’m like “What on earth was I thinking?!” When I became a freshman at Ole Miss, I saw how diverse and fashion-forward everyone was, and it inspired me to, shall I say, step my game up. I think it’s a proven fact that when one looks good, one feels good.

Although I live for a good pump, my style tends to vary. I’ll wear cool gladiators, sandals and flats (although they hurt the heel of my foot). Based on my mood, I usually aim for the boho-chic or a simple, yet classy, look. But I wouldn’t completely categorize my style because I like to switch it up and get inspiration from my fellow Fashionistas. I like the new denim on denim trend. Oh and I love lipsticks— from nudes to plums. What girl doesn’t, right? I think they bring attitude to the outfit itself.

With this internship, I hope to gain more knowledge in the fashion industry, as I have worked in retail for three years already. I would love to strengthen my writing skills because I feel it is important with any fashion career I may seek later on in life.

I post every Wednesday, so stayed tuned.