STYLE GURU BIO: Jackie Manipon

STYLE GURU BIO: Jackie Manipon

Hello to all! I am Jackie Manipon, a Style Guru for the spring semester of 2017. I am currently a junior at California State University of Long Beach. Art is my passion and although it’s no longer my major, I haven’t put it on the back burner quite yet. I’ve just learned to appreciate it in my free time and with those I love! Instead, I am pursuing a major in fashion merchandising, seeing as how I enjoy fashion almost as much as art.

Five feet tall on a good day, I’m small girl with a ton of dreams. I’m not ashamed to set my aspirations high and I have a back-up plan for every back-up plan. Just kidding, I don’t have any back-up plans, but I do hope for the best! My ultimate goal in life is to be happy. For me, there is no one way for me to achieve that, so I try to do the most and jump at every opportunity available.

Although I was born in California, I’ve not been entirely raised on the West Coast. There was a short time during which I lived in Japan, and it was full of different sights and experiences that I have probably glamorized in my head since. But despite that, I am a California girl through and through. When the temperature hits 65 degrees, I set my heater to the maximum setting and immerse myself in a bed with multiple layers of blankets and comforters. Throughout the winter months I don’t feel my best, but I remind myself that there are better things to come!

Fashion is an outlet that allows me to express myself every day, and that’s what I love about it. I believe the way I dress affects how I think and act and I don’t want to take it for granted. Taking care in how you dress shows you take care of yourself. On a day which I feel like being both comfy yet put together, I can always be seen with some black pants. The solid color gives a base for nearly anything to pair along with it. Plus, it gives me coverage for the colder months. On top, I wear a loose turtleneck sweater for maximum coziness. When in doubt for what to wear on my feet, my trusty black ankle boots come into place. Their geometric design is a fun play on the usual plain booties, yet it still serves its purpose of being practical and comfortable. As final touches, I accessorize with an all-purpose tote shoulder bag and simple glasses.

I am super excited to be able to write for CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru and take this opportunity as a chance to meet new people and learn new things. I hope to take style inspiration from others and share the fashion of wonderful people around me through this outlet. I can already tell that 2017 is going to be a great year! See you all soon!

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