STYLE GURU BIO: Hannah Grunvald

STYLE GURU BIO: Hannah Grunvald

Hey, Fashionistas! I am so excited to be a new Style Guru this season and to get more involved in the CF community! My name is Hannah Grunvald, and I was born and raised in Burlington, Vermont. After high school, I lived in New York City for two years and then decided to move to Los Angeles to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (and honestly, to leave the cold)! I am currently in my final year of FIDM’s BS program in business management.

Fashion has always sparked my enthusiasm! I grew up as a middle child between two rowdy brothers and was always fighting to stand out. We all played the same sports, went to the same after school activities, and had similar interests. What I wore became my creative outlet. Looking back on this, my brothers played a huge part in defining my style. I now find myself falling in love with boxy shapes and masculine silhouettes.

As I got older, I developed a passion for dance and spent many hours at studios in my hometown. I loved being able to portray different characters through dance and that eventually trickled into my fashion sense. Everyday I walk out of my house in something enormously different from what I wore the day before. Fashion is exciting, and story-telling, and freeing. My personal style is hard to define, but I could be described as an emotional dresser. Depending on the day, weather, current events, or my mood, I dress with a different style.

My current go-to pieces are metallic booties, oversized sweaters and sweatshirts, statement socks, and always, a big pair of hoop earrings! I am obsessed with dressing up athlesiure pieces with heels and denim. Outside of fashion, I have an unhealthy relationship with Ramen restaurants and a very healthy relationship with my boxing gym. Nothing like a girl who can fight for herself!

In this outfit, I am wearing a Blank NYC vegan leather leggings, a Suicidal Tendencies graphic T-shirt, an Urban Outfitters mesh layering top, and Urban Outfitters silver booties. As for accessories, the black lunch-pail purse is RUDSAK, and my choker is made from a gift wrapping ribbon!

Talk soon, Fashionistas.