STYLE GURU BIO: Hailey Ginesi

My style changes as much as my taste in music. As a city girl, acceptable street style isn’t as limited as it is in other regions of America. The streets of New York are “anything goes” territory. On any given day I can be heard saying heels are my best friend, and a general spotting of myself on the streets would generally include some form of business casual attire. But ever the creative, and always drawn to bright colors, which is what drew me to this statement outfit for my Style Guru Bio. I felt it properly captured my personality in a way my general attire normally does not. From the ripped jeans, to the choker all the way to the “Daddy” plastered across my chest the outfit says risk taker. I have never been one to play it safe, and especially not in one of the greatest cities in the world.

The look also screams ’90s to me. Which not only are faint bits and pieces of the ’90s making a comeback, but this decade contains some of my favorite style looks. Not that I would wear them as they were worn back then, but I definitely am inspired by the bold styling. I’m wearing a yellow “Daddy” crop top from a T-shirt shop in London, available here. The simple black choker around my neck is available here. I am wearing black combat boots with red plaid fold overs from Target. Similar black combat boots can be found here, from one of my favorite stores—Charlotte Russe. And ripped jeans, which you can pick up from wherever you favorite store to buy jeans is.