STYLE GURU BIO: Grace Lawson

Welcome back Fashionistas/os! I am so pumped to be back on CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru for another semester. I can’t believe it’s already the start of a new semester and that I am officially a Cornell sophomore! It is so exciting to be back on the “Campus On a Hill” and having moved into my very first apartment. No more repetitive (and expensive) dining hall food, no more sharing personal space and no more rules! It’s time for creative expression through room decor, exploring new areas of the Finger Lakes and experimenting in the kitchen with my fabulous flatmates. This semester is about embracing this newfound freedom I have gained. I am ready to take on new challenges (like #adulting) and push myself onward to new goals (hint, hint… more news to come!).

A new challenge I’d like to give myself is to change up my style every now and then. I tend to play it safe with simple, basic silhouettes and color palettes but this semester I am going to try and wear more edgy and daring pieces.

So to start off this challenge, I have styled a gentle transition into the bolder looks with this super simple back to school outfit. You cannot go wrong with a basic white T-shirt and since I started off my last semester in one, I figured I might as well bring this full circle. Now everyone has their favorite pair of jeans, you know those ones that hug just the right parts and squeeze in all the others? Well these are mine from G.H. Bass & Co. which I have cuffed up for a casual look. Now for the bold piece. Some may say this is super casual and doesn’t count. However, I am trying to slowly ease into the deep sea of styling possibilities (I am not a cannon-baller, even in pools). This thrifted find has become one of my favorite pieces I own. Embroidery embellishes this denim jacket all the way around in a fun, playful color palette. I have also cuffed the sleeves on the jacket to match the jeans (but also just because #shortarmproblems.)  To accessorize, I stuck to what I’m used to: neutrals. I’ve grabbed my trusty old faux leather backpack, nude pink sandals, and gray-beige (greige?) sunglasses.

A person’s style can be ever-changing and I think everyone should test out new pieces every once and awhile. Follow along with me as I tackle life as a college sophomore while documenting the unique personalities and fashion my campus has to offer.