STYLE GURU BIO: Gillian Schaber

Hello my beautiful Fashionista/os! My name is Gillian Schaber, but you can call me Gigi. I am a rising junior at Rutgers University, studying communication with a specialization in PR as well as art history.

In my spare time, I am a wanna-be marathoner and busy student. In my head, I am a “My Calvins” model, beauty expert and the next Claude Monet. Anyone who knows me may tell you I’m an outspoken, confident, “call it as I see it” type of gal. But those who know me well can tell you I am also articulate, mindful and abstract. Mindful in the way that I can appreciate the beauty in the things around me. While these diverse characteristics make for an interesting mix, they fuse and are displayed to the world through my personal style.

There is nothing I enjoy more than the thought of twirling around in a big flowing dress, under the sun, in the middle of a field of wild flowers. But as many of you can understand, some days call for something more chic and risqué. This is the adventure I’m inviting you to take with me. Come get a taste of my sometimes erratic and mostly impulsive sense of style, which undoubtedly will reflect the varying perspectives of a 20-year-old. I believe that everything in life is art; how we love, how we speak, and how we portray ourselves. That is my goal with fashion, I want to look like art. I pride myself on being authentic; there’s nothing more upsetting than receiving a copy when you were promised an original. But I have to say there is nothing more satisfying than following a trend and hitting the nail right on the head every now and then.

You can expect my articles to be light, fun and at times contain a slightly sarcastic undertone. You may also tend to notice my love for minimalist style, I appreciate a crisp and polished look as much as the next guy. Yet I love to keep a little boho vibe going on. I also hope to show you, that you (or anyone for that matter) do not have to be modest in order to be respected.

What you see here is a casual everyday look. It’s comfortable and cute, but I can still catch people doing a double take at my shoes, (the “Olson” by Halogen) they’re my favorite.

Thank you Mom for willing me to have a broad color palette. Thank you Dad for teaching me how to be well put together.

I cannot wait for all you Fashionista/os to get in my head.