STYLE GURU BIO: Gabriela Short

Hola! Let me introduce myself. My name is Gaby and I’m from the happiest place on earth: Disney World… wait, no, the other happiest place on earth – Puerto Rico. Needless to say, I love sporting a tan and rolling around in the sand. My studies have taken me far from the toasty tropics and placed me in the cold tundra of New England (at least that’s what it feels like for me). I am currently a junior at Providence College pursuing a studio art degree with a minor in business studies, both of which I hope to use in the future as I aspire for a career in multimedia advertising.

Honestly, when it comes to style—I can’t identify with one in particular. I often say I have none, but that would be a lie… I’m pretty darn stylish! One day I can wake up feeling boho chic, and another I just want to wear all black everything. Seriously, my style is completely organic and ever changing. What I feel like goes.

My inspiration for this outfit was textbook back to school. It’s casual, comfy, simple, and chic, yet somewhat edgy. Denim skirts are in and I just picked up this cute one from Chic Boutique that I was eager to use in my back to school ensemble! I complimented it with my super simply striped T-shirt and a choker to tie the two major pieces together. Also, chokers are super in right now. The reflective sunnies give me that edgy feel, as they are the statement piece of the outfit. Let’s not forget about my super cool Betsy Johnson backpack! Black and white as always, with a hint of color from my puffy, pink keychain. Finally the retro white chucks bring the look together and add that old-school feel while keeping my feet comfy as I walk from class to class #key.

I am super stoked to show you guys my variety of styles and the huge range of personalities and looks that I will find at PC!