STYLE GURU BIO: Gabriela Short

Hello again, fellow Fashionistas/os, I am so excited to spend yet another semester writing as a Style Guru.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Gabriela Short, and I am from the beautiful tropical island of Puerto Rico! I am currently a junior studying graphic design and photography with a business minor at Providence College.

This time I write from across the Atlantic, as I am spending a semester abroad. My home for the next couple of months will be chilly Copenhagen, Denmark. I plan to capture styles from all across Europe for some different OOTD inspiration. Although I love warm weather and toasty days at the beach, I find myself living in the coldest of places. I will be biking the streets of Copenhagen and taking you all along with me.

It’s pretty hard to describe my style as it’s constantly changing. I love to follow trends and recreate them to fit my style. I always love to wear classic pieces and neutral hues, but my all-time go-to colors are shades of gray and black. At the moment, one of my favorite trends are over-the-knee boots! They look absolutely adorable, and they keep me warm (ish) while wearing a skirt or dress.

What I like the most about fashion is seeing how much it varies from person to person. You get to see all of the fun and creative things you can do with different pieces and accessories. The sense of individuality and diversity in people and their outfits is one of the best things about fashion, especially while traveling.

Can’t wait to continue sharing outfits from across the Atlantic with you this semester! Hopefully, they will help you find some endless style inspiration to add to your closet.