January 5th, 2017 at 2:00am

Hey I’m Erin, I’m nineteen and I’m currently studying journalism and art history at UGA in Athens, GA. I have an appetite for aesthetic and want to be surrounded by all things interesting to look at. With headphones in 80 percent of the time, I’m either writing for on-campus publications or for myself, reading, and making Spotify playlists. I’m inspired mostly by Kim Gordon, and you know, I’m just living my life trying to emulate her attitude and drive. I draw all over blank spaces. I write to empty my head.

As far as clothes go, I like unusual, interesting to look at outfits. For this reason thrift stores and vintage shops are mines filled with precious apparel.  Seriously, thrift stores trump the mall….or maybe I just like the “grandma look,” A.K.A my obsession with oversized cardigans and turtlenecks. But seriously, where else can you get $2 articles of clothing and cut and sew to make them into something compliment worthy? I’m also obsessed with the app Depop and can scroll through the stylish secondhand clothes for hours on end. I really wouldn’t define my style as adhering to one aesthetic, but I like to play around with various looks. My inspiration comes anywhere from Monica Gellar to Jack Kilmer. For me, clothes are a way to easily express myself and feel confident. I never really understood trends and the need to have something just because everyone else does. I feel best about myself when I’m wearing a different, unique ensemble.

For this outfit I paired a black turtleneck with a simple denim skinny jean. Worn with a lightweight blazer in a fun pattern with a gold necklace, patent oxfords, and a plain black beanie adds intrigue, but retains its simplicity. Perfect for almost any occasion.