STYLE GURU BIO: Emmie Graulich

Hey guys! My name is Emmie (you can call me Em) and I grew up at the Jersey Shore. I am a freshman at my local community college in the fashion merchandising program with the hopes of transferring to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City as soon as possible. I’m for sure a city girl at heart and don’t see myself anywhere but there for the rest of my life.

Just like the kids who say they want to be a fireman or a veterinarian when they’re young, at 11 years old I knew I wanted to be apart of this wonderful world called the fashion industry when I modeled in my first fashion show. At 13, I came across FIT while walking by on the city streets during a field trip. I did research that night and set my sights and goals on that school with a career in fashion. The blogging, crazy shopping habits, precollege classes, internships, and working retail had only just begun. I have become the go-to friend everyone comes to when they need style advice. That is what brought me to CollegeFashionista today–to share my tips and personal style further.

My style aesthetic consists of a lot of black, white, and neutrals. I like to be able to play up the simple tones and a minimalistic outfit with a great pair of shoes and funky accessories. I am a solid believer of not having to label your style because your style is what you make of it. One day I could be girly, another day normcore, and the next day edgy. Mainly my color palette stays the same.
When I’m offline, I’m shopping, being a foodie, traveling, studying and working retail! Online shopping is my way to go. There’s nothing better than lounging on a lazy day gaining inspiration. Oh, and I definitely take the cute but still affordable route!

I am so excited to take you guys along with me this semester as we explore fall fashion while meeting to the needs of temperature change and on my first journey as a Style Guru with CollegeFashionista! Stay #RAD.