STYLE GURU BIO: Emmalyn Rafanello

January 8th, 2015 at 2:10am

Coming to you from the Golden State, my name is Emmalyn Rafanello. Although this is not my first time writing for CollegeFashionista, I have stepped away for a few semesters because I have completely moved my life to the West Coast. This new adventure was driven by my transfer to FIDM (that is, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles) and my pure hatred of winter storms. From the ocean waterfront to the concrete city blocks, FIDM is known as the hub for fashion on the West Coast, and is home to the trendiest Fashionistas/os in Los Angeles.

This new adventure has already taught me a few lessons, some about style, but mostly about life. After trying to cram 20 years of my life into seven suitcases, I realized (beyond the absurdity of it all) that less truly is more, for fashion and anything otherwise. There is only so much room for all those clothes in a studio apartment. I have also gained a new respect for independence. After all, looking fabulous on a student budget is not easy.

With this move I was unable to take my cat with me (sad day!). I love cats. I’m obsessed with cats: I have a cat mug collection and my cat calendars take precedence above all other planners. I am also obsessed with coffee, which I can thank my mom for. However, I have been trying to slow my roll because pushing three cups a day could get scary. You should also know I have never met anything pink I did not fall madly in love with.

While fashion is obviously one of my many passions, others include: reading (just finished #GIRLBOSS), catching up with family and friends (even though the majority of them are spread throughout the Midwest and East Coast), binge watching Netflix and any movies I can get my hands on and baking up a storm in my tiny kitchen.

I plan on bringing you, my lovely readers, all the fashion and style LA has to offer through my weekly posts. Stay tuned for some seriously good reads!