STYLE GURU BIO: Emma Elliott

Hello lovelies! My name is Emma Elliott, and I am a junior at University of Colorado, Boulder. Go Buffs! So I guess I am considered a “baby buff” because even though I am a junior, I am a transfer student to CU this semester. I used to attend University of Northern Colorado in the small town of Greeley, Colorado. My reason for leaving was after studying abroad in Florence, Italy during the fall semester of 2014, I was ready for a change. I wanted something more then the 9,000 student body that UNC has to offer, so jumping to a school of 28,000 seemed like a decent enough jump.

So I’m not only a newbie on the CU campus, I’m also a newbie on the CollegeFashionista website and a new Style Guru intern! I heard about CollegeFashionista from doing research online for inspirational fashion posts for my own personal style. I’ve stumbled on various articles and I love how connected it is through all different kinds of universities in different parts of the United States, even Fashionistas/os who are styling it up around the globe. I have a personal blog that is a work in progress; I would love to break into the fashion/beauty blogging world but I am always so intimidated by it! I feel as if this internship with CollegeFashionista will give me a good confidence boost on putting my style into words and posting those words live to people out there in cyberspace. I also crave inspiration and am constantly looking for peoples style and creativity to incorporate into my wardrobe and lifestyle, while then putting my own twist on it.

Fashion will always be my goal, I love it. I love the industry. I love fashionable people. I love all of it. Saying I have a “passion for fashion” is so corny, and I had a professor from a fashion marketing class I took in New York tell me to never put it on a resume, but it rings so true! My mom was a buyer for Nordstrom when she finished college. So you can say fashion is in my blood and I clearly had a very stylish influence growing up and still do. She had a pair of red Converse and overalls when I was little. Need I say more? I don’t really know what my exact style is. It definitely depends on the day and the time of year. During the summer I get very into the bohemian style, flowy fabrics, light colors, gladiator sandals and beach-tousled hair. Then when fall and winter rolls around, I get more dark and edgy with Dr. Martens, tights, denim and leather. One of my favorite style combinations is mixing feminine with edgy; for example, wearing a creme, lace dress but throwing a leather jacket over the top. I also adore more masculine style; woman wearing a men’s button-down or boyfriend jeans with a basic, slouchy top and leather jacket is crisp, yet sexy all at the same time.

I can’t wait for this Style Guru adventure to begin with CollegeFashionista as my guide, I’m excited to see what CU has to offer and I can’t wait to show the spotlight on the campus’s unique sense of style.