STYLE GURU BIO: Emily Foster

August 30th, 2016 at 2:00am

While most Fashionistas head back to school, I still have about a month before my summer wraps up and I open the text books and my new fall wardrobe. However, seeing new style inspirations from so many girls across the country gets me excited for a great semester as an intern with CollegeFashionista. Before we start, I must introduce myself.

I’m one of those small town girls who spent most of her teen years dreaming of moving to a bigger city (and I still do). I was always the girl who looked overdressed compared to some of my classmates. I survived on makeup tutorials, online shopping and occasional road trips to the closest mall that was almost two hours away. Style inspiration from these resources and fashion publications got me through high school and held my interest in the fashion industry.

To put it more simply, I’m a junior at the University of Oregon and I now have much better opportunities to shop. I thrive in creative environments so I’m majoring in advertising and I hope to strengthen my writing, design and blogging skills this semester. And, of course, I hope to develop my style even more. While I might sometimes look overdressed, my style blends much better with the setting of my college campus than it did in the halls of my high school. I still look to bloggers and magazines for inspiration, but I would like to think that my style is more refined and I’ve made it my own.

Speaking of that, my style, while sometimes specific, is still all over the place. Some days I feel like tuning in to my girly style and breaking out a floral romper like this one that I’m wearing. Other days I wear a pair of dark skinny jeans, a blazer and riding boots. For the most part, my style is classic. Although I always like to look good, I’m not always willing to pay the price for high-end brands. That’s why I stick to basic pieces, neutral colors and minimalist jewelry for the most part. I make my wardrobe fun by purchasing unique pieces that alter my classic style, from edgy leather jackets to girly ballet flats. I also like to play with braids and matte tones of makeup. Wearing feminine pieces like this lace bralette makes a girly look even softer.

I’m excited to take my style to the next level this fall and share some of the many styles of the University of Oregon with you. Be sure to follow my page, as well as my Instagram and Twitter accounts. I can’t wait to get to know you all more and see what you accomplish too! Cheers to a great semester (or quarter, in my case)!

Wondering what else I’m wearing? Necklace and earrings from H&M, gold bracelet from Kohl’s, sandals from Aerosoles and a dark lipstick from Revlon.