STYLE GURU BIO: Elizabeth Sturgill

January 6th, 2017 at 2:10am
STYLE GURU BIO: Elizabeth Sturgill

Hello my lovely Fashionistas and Fashionistos! As a first-time Style Guru—and on top of that a freshman—I’m excited to see what unique looks I can bring to the table, all the way from the University of Kentucky. As for myself, I wouldn’t say I have any sort of refined or definite look—it’s more of an arbitrary collection of clothing that catches my eye and then me trying desperately to put them together in a way that makes some sort of aesthetic sense, but hey, maybe that’s everybody.

This usually manifests itself in my wardrobe as a juxtaposition between the different pieces—from preppy to grunge, floral and leather, flannel, and sundresses, and likely any other combination you could think of. In the same spirit, my hair has been roughly every color and cut imaginable. Over the years, I’ve learned that, truthfully, if you’re confident in what you’re wearing, you’ll pull it off; if you feel good in what you’re wearing it’s really almost impossible to not pull off even the riskiest of outfits!

Today, I decided to keep things simple, with an easy outfit that I could wear to a plethora of outings—class, shopping, lunch with friends, you name it. I don’t know about you guys, I like my outfits to be utilitarian and pretty to look at—easy to wear, not an issue to spend an entire day out in, and stylish. Here I’m wearing a basic black turtleneck—actually purchased on final clearance in the dead of summer for about two dollars; we are all on collage budgets here—that’s versatile and can be worn, as I am here, with a skirt, or dressed down with your favorite pair of jeans. The simple flared mini skirt that also has potential to be dressed up, with a formal top or button down, or dressed down with a sweater or t-shirt. Or like I did, you could pair the simple skirt with the simple black turtleneck and let the simplicity of the outfit be the piece that pulls it together. Top it off with something a little flashy—or don’t, it’s your call—like a pendant necklace, or in my case, my tried-and-true Dr. Martens, which are a staple piece in my winter wardrobe: they’re comfy, and keep my feet warm, and are ridiculously stylish.

Truthfully, my style is just taking pieces that I like and making them work together. I hope to capture other Fashionistas/Fashionistos doing just that in my time here at CollegeFashionista. And of course, I want to encourage you to wear exactly what you please and feel confident doing so—it will look good on you, I swear!