STYLE GURU BIO: Dorian Albaugh

Growing up in a small town brings on big dreams! Dreams of big cities and big goals. Dreams of bigger and better things. Dreams of a better life; a more spectacular life.
My name is Dorian Leigh Albaugh and I’m going to take you on a big adventure through my new life. It’s fall 2016 and I’m starting my journey at Kent State University. I come from the small town of Dennison, Ohio where I’ve spent all 18 years of my life. Where I’m from, fashion isn’t viewed as the art form that it truly is. I can’t wait to open my wings and experience more of what fashion actually is! I hope to showcase to you my growth in the fashion world and also the real world. I want you to watch as my big dreams come alive and I begin my life in the amazements of all things fashion.

Today I am just another college student waiting to start her life but tomorrow is unknown, and that’s the beauty of life. It’s astounding to think of all of the great things my future has in store. I want you to follow me as I discover all of those amazing things and develop my life of adventure and fashion. I’m following my dreams and I hope that you are too. After all, we are only given one life so live it up! I hope you enjoyed my post and are looking forward to enjoying more! As for now, Kent State University awaits.