STYLE GURU BIO: Danielle Germane

Hello, all! My name is Danielle Germane and I am a junior at Central Michigan University. My major is in fashion merchandising and design and my minor in leadership. My preferred pronouns are she, her and hers. As a self-proclaimed writer through my personal blog, I am excited to give my gift of writing a chance to continue to grow as a contributing writer and Style Guru for CollegeFashionista another season (I’m back at it again!).

I’m a big advocate for using fashion to connect with others on your own campus as well as around the world. The style I represent most often (and it does change) would follow a hippie/bohemian vibe. My free spirited mindset and go-with-the-flow personality are reflected in loose clothing, weird prints and above all else, covered in love.

For this look, I am wearing a black T-shirt dress from Poshmark, an olive green cardigan from Target and classic black tights. The shoes I’m wearing are Birkies that I actually purchased at a local garage sale. I’m a big fan of buying or acquiring clothing secondhand or through a donation-centered store. Doing so lessens the impact on our environment and, as many of us know, fashions repeat themselves, so why not buy original instead of continuing to buy new?

Through my writings, I hope to give my readers an insight into the fashion on my campus, but I also hope to go beyond that and challenge them (in small ways) to think about fashion and expressing themselves in ways they may have never thought of before. Whether that’s challenging you to utilize one article of clothing this week that you’ve always been too nervous to “pull off” or going out and donating those clothes that you really don’t need anymore that are simply weighing you down, we are in this together. I am not going to challenge you to anything that I am not be willing to do (or already did) myself.

Thanks for tagging along with me on on this continued adventure.
Stay tuned for more to come!