STYLE GURU BIO: Christian Eisaman

Hello internet, can you hear me clearly?

Welcome to my world! My name is Christian. I’m a 22-year-old blogger and barista living in the Sunshine State. When I’m not soaking in all the sun, I’m most likely thinking fondly of Ina Garten as well as lobster macaroni and cheese. I enjoy a plethora of hobbies that range from playing the cello, to sailing. Between Netflix episodes and obsessive social media scanning, I am an organizational communication major at the University of South Florida.

I am excited to show my school’s stylish students off. With such a humid and hot climate, it is interesting to see how many combat the heat in their looks. In the brief colder months I enjoy seeing Fashionistas transition their summer pieces through the winter. Overall, the University of South Florida has a very diverse population; this thrills me because I enjoy seeing diverse styles.

My style is all about minimalism and cohesion. I tend to invest in basic pieces that will last through wear and tear. I add a bit of playfulness with accessories, and texture quite often. Even throwing on a pair of flashy sunglasses can help bring depth to the look. Fashion is a wearable art, and how you present yourself can be a creative outlet. While my style is very simple, the way a piece fits can make or break a look. Overall, style is about self expression and I cannot wait to see how these students at the University of South Florida do it.

Come with me on this wild journey of fashion through the electronic global village we call the internet!