Hey, Fashionistas! I’m Chloe and I’m so honored to be apart of the Style Guru team for the spring semester. I’m not exactly your typical Fashionista; for starters, I go to a military academy! I’m currently a sophomore at the United States Military Academy and in a few years, I’ll commission as an army officer. Right now though, I’m a cadet here at West Point. I’m a systems engineering major and I’m also pursuing a network science minor.

I’m not “all-military-all-the-time” though; for starters, I obviously love fashion! Growing up, the plan was to be a fashion designer. I was obsessed with Project Runway, and I read fashion magazines religiously. I ultimately chose a different path in high school which meant giving up a part of my life that I really enjoyed, but luckily my best friend introduced me to CollegeFashionista and now I have the best of both worlds!

More about me. I’m from California and I love California, but it was super important for me to leave home and see more of the world. I love photography and one of my favorite things to do is adventure in new places, especially since I’m only an hour away from New York City! Finding the perfect brunch place is soul soothing, and don’t get me started on chai tea lattes.

Being a Style Guru has definitely helped me develop my own personal style and at the same time given me exposure to other styles. One of my favorite trends right now is the “statement skirt,” and I’m featuring it here! In the winter, I love taking a darker approach with a burst of color. Here I’m wearing a black turtleneck, sheer black tights, and knee high boots. The look is centered around my zippered mini skirt that gives a pop of olive green—a color that’s totally in for this winter season! Don’t be afraid to incorporate a statement piece to spice up a simplistic outfit; it’s the perfect way to showcase unique parts of your wardrobe.

I couldn’t be more excited for a #RAD semester filled with fashion and fun, and I hope you’ll be a part of it by tuning in for my upcoming articles. Have a wonderful semester and stay fashionable!