STYLE GURU BIO: Cheyenne Harris

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been involved in fashion. As a child, my mom would often catch me in the living room practicing to walk in her high-heels. I couldn’t keep my hands off a Teen Vogue magazine. I would eagerly read each issue from cover to cover. 

I knew that I could write well and I used to write stories but would never finish them. Personally, I would have imagined myself as the author of a bestselling novel, but my classmates would often point out how they felt I should have my own talk show or start a Youtube channel. In middle school I realized that my career path needs to be in communications. Throughout high school I would often think about what direction I wanted to go with communications and originally I was leaning more towards broadcasting but after taking my first semester of college I decided that journalism was the way to go.

Currently, I am a 20-year-old sophomore at Indiana State University and I major in communications with a concentration in journalism. My minor is in textiles, apparel and merchandise. On campus, I am a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha and Society of Professional Journalists. I am also a contributor for an up-and-coming magazine called Haute Life, which is a magazine for the local women of Terre Haute. In my down time I drink coffee, workout, listen to music and read blogs, magazines and books. In the future I am going to work for a top women’s magazine such as Cosmopolitan or Elle.

I chose this look because it’s the beginning of fall semester which also means it is sorority recruitment season. The black shirt dress is casual alone but with my shoes and accessories it makes the outfit sporty casual. The hat is a must have for any of the Srat Queens on college campuses; but whether in a sorority or not, the baseball caps are very popular right now and are an easy fix for a bad hair day. adidas has been coming back hard this past year and even though the white and black striped adidas shoes are a classic, I prefer the white and gold because I feel like it adds more glamour and fits my personality better.