STYLE GURU BIO: Brittney Hughes

Hello, my name is Brittney Hughes! When I was younger, the thought of letting my creativity escape me the minute I got my first career-oriented job did not appeal to me at all. I always wondered, “Would my personal style and undying love for denim be unappreciated and deemed inappropriate in the workplace?” I was not looking forward to having to grow up and go to a job every day where the work actually felt like work. Also, I didn’t learn the New York subway system just to stay in New Jersey forever! I decided that I should not be forced to dismiss my passion as a hobby just to be considered successful. I strongly believe that you should always do what you love. With that in mind, I chose fashion.

Fast forward 10 years and here I am: a style chameleon starting my freshman year at FIT and living in the city of my dreams. I love waking up every day with the freedom to dress as posh as Fifth Avenue or as laid-back as the Lower East Side—or however I feel at the moment. The way I dress is highly inspired by my ever-changing surroundings, and maybe this is the Caribbean in me talking, but an outfit isn’t complete without a personal touch of gold jewelry!

The self-expression that fashion provides is my favorite part about getting dressed in the morning. For example, I’ve always adored the way both my grandma and Karl Lagerfield have mastered the art of owning a signature look. They inspire me, and remind me to represent myself style-wise every day. My favorite mantra is stated by Karl himself: “A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul.”

I am beyond excited to start fall 2016 as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. My goal is to share not just outfit posts, but inspiration that will help all you fashion lovers develop your own personal style.