STYLE GURU BIO: Brianna Horton

Hello! My name is Brianna Taylor Nicole Horton. I know that seems like a mouthful, but it’s not! I am a senior at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina majoring in English. I’ve done a lot of photo shoots and played around with cameras before and I’m so excited that I am able to do this as an internship now! I heard about the Style Guru position from a lot of my friends at my university who are Style Gurus, as well.

I am originally from New Jersey, so fashion has always been prominent in my life with frequent trips to New York. I also studied abroad in London and Paris this past summer. I always ask myself two questions before I walk out of the door every day: 1. Am I comfortable in this outfit? 2. Is this outfit fashionable enough for someone to stop me on the street and ask if they can put me on their blog? I know that sounds weird, but trust me, these questions have saved my life a few times.

Being a college student and being involved in literally everything on campus, I am always on the go. I find that people have the most confidence in their appearance/outfit when they are comfortable in it. I know it’s hard to find the balance between fashionable and comfy these days with everyone trying to “dress different” and looking the same, but that’s my goal.

I want people to come to my blog for outfit inspirations and also for good advice on what to wear, how to wear it and where to purchase these items from (for a college student price, of course).

I’ve most recently become obsessed with wearing the same color pants and shirt and letting my accessories make my outfit pop! Black is also one of my favorite colors. My motto in life is: You can never be overdressed or over educated! I hope you all enjoy this journey as much as I will!