STYLE GURU BIO: Brenna Hemmings

August 31st, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello, my name is Brenna Hemmings! I am a junior (yikes) studying at SUNY New Paltz with a double major in History and Sociology. In the coming semesters, I’ll probably minor in English. I’m hoping to study abroad in Europe before I graduate and it’s something that I am consistently striving to achieve.

I love being involved and this semester, I have the pleasure of being a Senator for my school’s Student Association (SA), continuing my work with the Honors Program, the Scholar’s Mentorship Program and volunteering at Historic Huguenot Street.

I’m deciding between going to law school, grad school and looking for work right after graduation. I don’t know exactly what my first job in the real world will be, but I want to make a difference and enjoy what I do.

This will be my second time serving as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and I cannot wait to begin working! I can’t wait to improve my writing and photography skills. Fashion is cool, immersive and has always fascinated me because of its rich historical and sociological values. As cliché as it sounds, fashion is more than just pretty clothes, dazzling jewelry and snazzy shoes; it’s about how people reflect the world around them. Fashion is visible through social norms and customs, like during the Victorian era.

In terms of how I reflect the world around me, most of my clothes have some sort of pattern on them. For example, my father loves being outdoors and that is definitely something that I think is reflected in my wardrobe. I shop primarily at Forever 21, Macy’s junior department and American Eagle Outfitters with the occasional trip to JC Penney. I am short, so whatever skirts or dresses I own tend to be mini or too long. I love high-waisted bottoms because of their versatility and comfort.

So stay tuned for more talk on fashion; besides, what can simultaneously be a pastime, career and job?