STYLE GURU BIO: Breann Toolan

January 20th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Breann Toolan

Hey there Fashionistas. I’m Breann and I’m currently a freshman at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. I’m studying finance and economics which are two subjects that have always interested me. Being given the opportunity to write for CollegeFashionista is both exciting and rewarding.

Ever since I was a young girl, my sister and I were extremely interested in style and fashion. For us, brand names were never as important as a unique wardrobe that defined us as individuals. My older sister and I constantly found ourselves collaborating on new outfits and even incorporating our mother’s closet into the mix. I believe she had a strong influence on us in regards to style and always encouraged us to be ourselves rather than “following the pack.” All throughout elementary and middle school I attended a private school that required a uniform dress code. Because of this, I took every opportunity to express myself on “free dress” days and on the weekends. When it came time for high school, I chose to attend my local public school. In those four years, I truly felt my style evolve and I loved choosing outfits for each day of school whether it was a stylish statement or just comfy and cute.

I truly believe that an outfit you love can ultimately determine the mindset or attitude you have for that day. Because of this, I feel that it’s most important to wear something that is both trendy but also practical. Once you look your best, you’ll also feel your best.

For my first post, I chose to show you Fashionistas an outfit that I found myself loving a lot over this winter break. I paired the oversized turtleneck sweater with the functional front pocket with my go-to shredded boyfriend jeans. To add a bit of texture to the look, I opted for a pair of lace stockings that could be seen through the ripped denim and my absolute favorite perspex glass-heeled booties. I finished it off with a camel satchel and my hair in a twisted top-knot!

Thanks for tuning into my first post. I hope you stick around to see what more I have in store for the rest of the semester. Stay #RAD.