STYLE GURU BIO: Bianca Garcia

Hello friends and Fashionistas! I’m Bianca, a sophomore at UGA double majoring in art history and anthropology with a minor in fashion merchandising. I’m also working toward a certificate in archaeological sciences! I have a lot of academic interests, and I’m never going to live the life of a well-slept, free-weekend-having undergrad, but being able to further my knowledge and opportunities about things I love makes the sacrifices worth it. 

I love nostalgic things, like music by The Smiths, and books from my childhood, like The Giving Tree. I enjoy art history so much that I cried the last time I accidentally slept through a class. I’m not an artist myself, but I find it incredibly cathartic and empowering to express my creativity and personality through what I wear. One of my goals this year is to start learning about clothing production, including the positive or negative effects manufacturers have on others around the world and the environment. I love fashion, but I want to be socially conscious of my actions and find innovative ways to make change in a world that’s more often than not consumed by materialism.

On a lighter note, I enjoy finding old things and then contemplating the stories and the people behind them. I think this mindset is why older, “vintage” articles of clothing and objects appeal to me so much. I’m definitely a strong advocate for retro looking clothing, not just because of how fun they are, but the stories and historical context enriches those…artifacts—if you will—even more! Even though I gravitate more toward this style, I believe it is equally important to maintain an open-minded perspective and try other styles, as long as one’s authentic self is not abandoned in order to keep up with perpetually changing trends. It can be difficult to live this principle prudently, especially when we let trends—an integral part of fashion—restrict us rather than simply inspire us. I do often spend time however, drawing inspiration from the eclectic blend of styles around campus. I can’t wait to share the creativity I’ll see at UGA for you guys!