August 29th, 2016 at 2:10am

Hello everyone, my name is Audie Lauf, I am a senior at Illinois State University double majoring in public relations and fashion merchandising. I truly love my school and believe that I have some of the best academic mentors here. As a returning Style Guru I am prepared to utilize what I have learned in the classroom and take it to the streets. I am a huge fan of color theory and enjoy fashion trend analysis. In the past few semesters I have focused my articles on women street style, this year I hope to diversify my posts with men’s fashion trends.

I always enjoy writing for CollegeFashionista in the fall. There is a sense in the air where everyone believes they can reinvent themselves and reach past their normal attire.

My favorite line from the documentary of The September Issue is, “September is the January in fashion.”

That quote stuck to me because it is true. Every Fashionista looks forward to the day they see the new covers debut on the newsstands or reach their mailbox. They are always the thickest issues and can give you quite an impromptu workout.

I find that my style comes from a blend of functional and classic pieces. As a double major and president of ISU’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America, my days start at 5:00 a.m. and end around 11:00 p.m. So I need to be able to wear a look that I can either wear all day or easily transition depending on my schedule. This season I plan on reinventing my look and venturing on the side of becoming a maximalist. The past few years I have really taken to minimalism, but since September is the January in fashion I will make my fall resolution to become more adventurous.

When constructing my fall wardrobe I took the time to research the trending colors of the season. Pantone published a Fashion Color Report fall 2016, so I started building my look on the structured color palette. I chose to wear my lush meadow green chino pants with my spicy mustard T-shirt. As the days get colder I decided to collect a few jackets in various materials. I paired my look with a denim jacket that has been passed down for almost three generations. The denim is the perfect shade of airy blue. I began my slow journey of becoming a maximalist by adding buttons that I have collected over the years. My new lace-up boots were the perfect shade of warm taupe and I am excited to use them this season. I try to always wear a watch, and set it seven minutes fast because you are not on time unless you are early.

CollegeFashionista has been an amazing opportunity for me to develop my skills in photography, writing and editing. I am excited for an amazing season in fashion.