STYLE GURU BIO: Amber Villahermosa

What’s up my Fashionista/os! I’m Amber Villahermosa and I’m stoked to be a part of the Style Guru Gang for fall term! I’m originally from Hawaii and came to the University of Oregon to major in international and Asian studies to become an English teacher abroad. My favorite musicians are Drake and Rihanna because they’re the king and queen of everything. All hail. I have watched Donald Glover’s comedy special Weirdo at least 30 times and I laugh every single time. My go-to brands are H&M, Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville and American Eagle Outfitters. I also love to visit boutiques in the Portland/Hawaii area and explore the personal fashion styles of designers in the area. Now that you’ve gotten to know me a bit, Iet’s get started!

Fashion is a way for me to express myself and incorporate my mood for the day. I don’t have a defined style type but you will most likely catch me sporting a crop top or ripped jeans. If I’m feeling pretty, I’ll go all out with my hair and makeup and wear a flowy dress with my favorite pair of nude heels. When I’m in the mood to dress down, I’ll be rocking some comfy joggers and my basic halter crop tops. Comfy cute is my overall fall aesthetic when it comes to dressing to the ever-changing weather in Oregon.

My look in this post is all about staying cool and looking cute in this Oregon heat. (The weather legit went from zero to 100 that day. it was crazy and my sweat was just too much). I chose to go with a minimalist look and wore neutral colors to really pop against this beautiful, blue wall. My white crop top paired with this button-up, suede corduroy skirt allows me to do just that. The v-neckline of my top brings attention to my gold charm choker that I made with a suede cord. DIY for the win. My suede corduroy skirt is the perfect piece to pair with any outfit and it’s so soft.I have never been more in love with a piece of clothing before. The black Nixon watch and silver rings on my fingers help to accent and bring subtle colors to this simple outfit. This look paired with the perfect booties and you’re ready to take on summer in style.

I’m all about learning and living my life to the fullest so being apart of the CollegeFashionista Style Guru Gang will help me grow as a girl all about fashion!