STYLE GURU BIO: Amanda Richards

Hello, Fashionistas, Fashionistos, Instagram creepers and mom (probably)! My name is Amanda Richards, and I will be a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I plan on majoring in Film Studies, and I wish to grace the silver screen one day (hopefully starring), but I wouldn’t mind seeing my name roll on the credits somewhere in the editing team. I am so excited to be writing for CollegeFashionista for the first time!

When I’m not rummaging thrift stores and sale racks, I love to play around with makeup and read classic literature (nothing past 1970…okay, Harry Potter doesn’t count). I live in Wisconsin, but am convinced I was switched at birth or something. I don’t like cheese very much, football just doesn’t do it for me, beer is disgusting and I, unlike most of my fellow Midwesterners, look forward to Winter every year.

I gather most of my fashion-inspo from 1990s independent films and Morticia Addams. My wardrobe consists of lots of thrifted denim, plaid and dark hues. Bright colors and patterns don’t look the best against my pale skin, so I usually keep it pretty neutral. When I do wear any pattern, I try to personalize my look by mixing them. For example, I may wear a pair of paisley bell-bottoms with a striped top (so ’70s, I know). I just feel that mixing prints is so eye-catching and different. Heads will always turn to the gal who somehow looks chic even though it appears she may have gotten dressed in the dark.

By August, I’m already sick of the summer heat. So for this look, I dug to the bottom of my dresser to grab some Fall essentials. The pants I’m wearing are thrifted, but I am starting to see similar pairs popping up all over, just like these. A trend that I’m absolutely obsessed with is the rebirth of thick heeled shoes. I stole these old skechers from my mom’s closet.

I am so thrilled to be writing as a Style Guru for my all time favorite season, and cannot wait to share all sorts of Midwestern fashion with you guys!