STYLE GURU BIO: Alessa Solien

Anne Klein said, “Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women that wear them will.”

Hello there, fashionable friends and welcome back to my CollegeFashionista Page. My name is Alessa and this is my third semester with CollegeFashionista. I am so glad to be back! I am at senior at the University of South Florida studying Communications with a concentration in Media and Culture. Once I graduate, I hope to work for a media agency doing their social media and marketing. My main focus is to do work with their fashion and beauty clients. CollegeFashionista is a great way for me to hone my writing and photography skills all while practicing connecting with other Fashionistas/os on social media platforms.

I wanted to start this bio off—just the same as my others—with a RAD quote from a influential and fashionable woman. For me, fashion makes a statement and is a means of expression. Though, it does not define who you are and what we can do with our lives. I believe in being a strong, positive role model for others. I hope that I can empower people to find their own sense of style and be confident in their own skin. Fashion is about expressing oneself and loving what you are in!

As for my personal style, I would describe it as a melting pot of different styles wrapped in one person. For example, I will go from having a very edgy/trendy look one day to a sophisticated ensemble the next. I usually keep my colors neutral as I wear a lot of black, whites, and grays. Even though I keep it pretty neutral, I add pops of color in others ways in my looks, such as with a bold lip or statement jewelry.

As cliche as it is to say, fashion has been a huge part of my life. When I was a little girl, I found joy in sneaking into my mom’s closet to try on her shoes and dresses. Today, my friends look to me for outfitting advice. I find joy in helping people feel great in what they wear! I hope to inspire others through my love of fashion.

In this look, I am wearing a high-waisted leather skirt. Leather is trending this winter season, as you can find it not only for skirts but in leather leggings and jackets, as well! As for my top, I kept it simple with a white mini turtleneck shirt that I tied into a knot. Tying a knot in any of your shirts adds extra edge to an outfit. This also gives you another way to wear a simple shirt. For accessories, I am wearing a multi-layered necklace, a midi/regular ring combo and lace-up flats. I have been obsessed with these lace-flats this season! These RAD shoes have become a staple in my wardrobe.

I am so excited for this spring semester with CollegeFashionista because this semester we get to experience two fashion seasons! This semester starts out with darker winter fashion and then transitions into brighter spring colors. I am looking forward to another great semester with CF and seeing other Style Guru articles.